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Creating a LiveTour with Insta360 ONE X

This tutorial is for users using iPhone 6 or earlier models,  if you are using a later model please take a look at this tutorial.

Note: Please downloaded Insta360 ONE X app and VR Maker app before starting.

Insta360 ONE X app on Google Play / App Store.

VR Maker app on Google Play / App Store

1.  Capture panoramas using the Insta360 ONE X app, you can check here at Insta 360 to learn more about capturing.

2. After capturing panoramas, go to the local -> select a panorama -> click share and then save it on the phone.

3. Now, open the VR Maker app, log in with your email address and password. Or Create an account if you don't have one yet. Click the Capture button on the homepage of the app.

4. Go to the Gallery (A) to see all the panoramas you just saved. Select the panoramas you'd like to add in your LiveTour (B) and save your selection (C). 

5. Now that you've created a LiveTour, see here to add hotspots, tags notes, price tags, videos or 3D models!

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