Start a conversation

How to get started with TourRing

1.  Download TourRing and log in with your VR Maker account.    

2.  After you logged in, you will see the remaining talk time you can use.

3. Go to VR Editor, choose the LiveTour you want to share with your clients.

4. Under TourRing(Beta) tab, click on ‘Copy TourRing link’ 

5. You can now send the link to your clients via email, communication apps.

6. When your clients click on the link, they will need to enter their name and phone number.


7. When they filled in the information and click start TourRing, your phone will ring.

 < Your screen >                                                        


 < Clients screen >

8. Start TourRing!

 < Your screen >    

 < Clients screen >

9. You can see an icon that indicates the point of view of the client, at this moment, they can change their point of view by themselves.

10. You can also choose to sync the view, which clients won’t be able to move 

11. You can open the floorplan to bring them to different rooms by taping on the standpoint.

12. You can also mark the panorama if needed to notify the client.


13. You can also demo another LiveTour by clicking on 'switch'.

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