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[BETA] Create floor plans with VR Maker and my ARKit phone

Important: this feature is a beta feature. 

1. Download the VR Maker app on the App Store and log in with your email address and password. Note that you must have an iPhone 6s or more recent. (The feature uses the ARKit technology. Check this page to see if your device works with ARKit.)

2.  Scroll down to the LiveTour you want to add a floor plan to and click on the floor plan icon.

3. You can either import your existing floor plan or create one now by scanning your room. Click 'AR Scan'.

4. Start with a corner of the room as the first anchor. Aim at it and click the '+' button below. Repeat the process until you've done so for every corner of the room and click the tick button when you're back to the first anchor.

5. Click 'Done' when your scan is finished.

6. You can now add a door, a window or even a text (to specify room names for example). Click 'Save' when you're done editing to add the floor plan to your LiveTour.

7. Click on the top right corner to choose the length/area unit. 

8. To edit your floor plan and place the location where the panoramas were taken on it properly, please take a look at this tutorial.

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