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Disable specific functions with URL variables

With URL variables, you can display your LiveTour exactly how you want it! Here is a list of the possibilities:

  • Add ui=true to create a non-branded version of your LiveTour
  • Add tags=false to show the LiveTour without its tags.
  • Add autorotate=false to turn off the auto-rotation of the LiveTour. 
  • Add background=transparent to use a transparent background on the loading screen instead of the grey background.
  • Add gyro=false to prevent the LiveTour from using your device's gyroscope.
  • Add index=X, where X is the number of the panorama you'd like displayed on opening. For example with index=2, the second panorama of your tour will be the first one viewers will see when opening your tour.
  • Add panobar=false to hide the panorama bar by default
  • Add share=hidden to hide the share button by default.

A URL variable can be added to any existing LiveTour after a "?". For example,  when you open tour will not use your device's gyroscope.

Multiple URL variables can be combined by separating them with a "&". For example will show the tour without auto-rotation and the background on the loading screen will be transparent.

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