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How to capture the perfect LiveTour with VR Maker

1 - Setting up your equipment

a. Use a phone with a good quality camera

The better your phone camera, the better your tours will look. The app supports most iPhones and Android phones equipped with a gyroscope and at least 3GB of RAM. That's essentially almost every phone released nowadays. The best phones to use for capturing with the VR Maker app would be the iPhone X or Google Pixel XL but lower-end phones can also produce good quality results. 

b. Center the lens on the phone (green circle)

Center the lens on the eye of your smartphone's camera. The green circle indicates that the lens is placed optimally. Yellow means it could be better.

c. Place the lens on the camera

Tip: Place the phone in the center of the rotator.

d. Place the Rotator on a tripod or flat surface at 120cm height

Make sure that the object your Rotator is on is not too wide so that the item doesn't show in your panoramas.

2- Preparing the space

a. Stage, clean up, tidy up the room

To ensure your tours look good, make sure the room is well prepared, just like you would for regular photography.

b. Capture in a well-lit environment 

Dark rooms don't always render well in the tours. Open shutters and turn on the light. Try to keep the light the same across all the rooms in your tour.

c. Make sure you have a decent internet connection

The app requires an active internet connection (wifi or 3G/4G) to capture your tours. There is also a workaround to capture without internet.

3. Capturing & building a proper tour

a. Choose the HDR mode appropriately 

Don't overuse the HDR mode. It is typically useful in rooms where the contrast differs widely between different sides of the room.

b. Capture "connected" panoramas

It is best to capture panoramas from a spot that can be seen from at least one other panorama. Although not mandatory, it will help you a lot when linking your panoramas via hotspots later.

c. Preview each panorama after capture

We recommend to check the result after each capture, so that you can easily check it off your list and move to the next spot.

d. Save or discard right after capture

If the result is good, then save it. If not, discard it directly. Having too many panoramas can make linking your panoramas a substantially longer process otherwise.

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