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Capturing with limited internet access

The following tutorial explains how to capture panoramas when you are out of the office with no WiFi or when you are having bad reception:

1. Important: Make sure you sign in first while you have internet access!

2. Set up your Tripod and Rotator, clip on your 720° Lens and start to capture.

Pro tip:  Check out this tutorial for full details on how to capture with VR Maker.

3. Capture as many panoramas as necessary in the property.

4. Connect to a stable internet connection, and combine those panoramas to create a new LiveTour. Just go to the Gallery (A) to see all the panoramas you captured, select the panoramas you'd like to add in your LiveTour (B) and save your selection (C). 

5. Fill in the name for the LiveTour. Tada! Your LiveTour is ready to be shared.

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