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[In-app capture] Rotator + 720° Lens

Step 1: Capturing panoramas

1. Download the VR Maker app on Google Play or the App Store and log in with your email address and password. 

2. Turn on the Rotator, clip your 720° Lens on your phone, make sure the 720° lens is aligned with the center of your phone's camera. Also, make sure your mobile phone is kept at a horizontal level and perpendicular to the Rotator. 

3. Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone so that it pairs with the Rotator automatically (no need to find the Rotator in the list of available devices that may appear on your phone, your phone will automatically connect to it). If you're using an iPhone, you might have to turn it on both in your Settings and in your Control Center. More on this here.

4. Launch the VR Maker app (A). Tap the camera icon (B) to launch the capture mode. Tap the camera icon once again (C) to start capturing. Capture is completed when the Rotator stops. Move to the next capture spot and repeat step 4 as many times as necessary till you have captured your entire space.

Step 2: Putting your LiveTour together

5. Once you're done, go to the Gallery (A) to see all the panoramas you just captured. Select the panoramas you'd like to add in your LiveTour (B) and save your selection (C). 

6. Choose a name for your tour. The address of the property usually does the trick.

7. Open your LiveTour (A) and tap the first panorama (B). Click Edit Hotspot (C). Tap the position where your next panorama was captured (D). Choose a hotspot (E) and select the next panorama (F). Adjust the default view that will show when clicking on the hotspot and tap Done (G). Repeat step 7 until all panoramas have been linked!

Step 3: Going further...

Congrats! Your LiveTour is now ready to be shared with the world! There are many more possibilities for customization. Check out the tutorials below to edit your tours further:

- Best practices for capture

- Labelling panoramas

- Adding tags, notes, videos

- Adding a floor plan

- Embedding my LiveTour in a web page

- Adding my logo to my LiveTour

- View a LiveTour in VR

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