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Adding more users in my subscription

1. To add agents to your subscription, log in to your dashboard, go to Administration and click Users

2. Click the Add button to add an agent.

3. Choose your agent's plan. You will be prompted to add your agent's email and name. You will be billed for this subscription at your next billing date along with your own.

4. Your agent will receive an email that looks like this. After he has activated his account, he will be prompted to choose a password.

5. Your agent will have access to all features included in his plan, except Administration and Subscription. Only you have access to that. By default, the subscription of your agents does NOT come with a free kit. Contact us to purchase additional kits for them.

6. Whenever agents create LiveTours either with the VR Maker or VR Editor, you will see them appear in your own VR Editor. You can also edit them yourself.

7. You can also create your own LiveTours. Only those will count towards your storage total. The others will count towards your agents' storage. Your own LiveTours will only be visible by you.

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