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New pricing adjustment

A new adjustment in our pricing plan will take place from 2020/4/21.

Details as below:

1. Tags

For existing pricing plans, users are able to add up to 20 tags in a LiveTour.

If more than 20 tags are added, the extra charge will be as follow:

21~   50  Tags -           USD   50/ EUR   43 per month

51~  200 Tags -           USD 166/ EUR 143 per month

201~500 Tags -           USD 333/ EUR 286 per month

2. Views per LiveTour (max 2000)

For existing pricing plans, each LiveTour will be allowed to have 2,000 monthly views.  

Once the views are more than 1,000, the user will be charged USD 2.5, EUR 2.3 /1,000 views in the next billing cycle.

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