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Do's and Don'ts for Floor Plan Service

Follow the do's and don'ts to get the best service of floor plan generation and a flawless floor plan.


1. Every space needs to be captured, including the hallway. More panoramas will help to generate the best quality floor plan. 

2. All doors must be opened.

3. All wall corners in each space must be orthogonal (right angle with 90 degrees). If the wall is not right-angled in reality, please note that the result generated may be modified to cause distortion.

4. One floor at a time, different floors will be counted as a different project, please proceed with the right number of purchases (1 floorplan per level).


1. Exterior spaces are NOT included in the floorplan.

2. Curve walls are not allowed.

3. Don't skip rooms. If a room is skipped by the capturing process, note that it will not appear on the 3D floor plan.

4. The following conditions might result in the possibility of not able to generate the floor plan: messy room, complicated ceiling design, shooting points too close to the curtain, tiny room.

*The floorplan is advised to be used for illustrative purposes only - accuracy tolerance may vary. Measurements will not be provided.

Read here how to purchase a floor plan. 

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