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How to group multiple LiveTours or display more than 30 panoramas in one link?

Each LiveTour can contain up to 30 panoramas. To display more than 30 panoramas with one link, chances are you'll want to organize them a bit. This article teaches you how to merge multiple LiveTours with up to 30 panoramas each into one bigger tour.

Pro tip: the group feature allows you to easily group several LiveTours together, e.g. for multi-floor homes, tour portfolios, before/after scenarios, etc.

1. Go to the Groups tab, and create your first group. You’ll be prompted to give it a name.

2. Enter the description of the group.

3. Go to the Manage LiveTours tab. You will see all of your LiveTours listed here. Select the LiveTours you want to group and click Save

4. Go to the Sort tab and reorder the LiveTours as you wish.

5. Click View to see your grouped LiveTour! It has its own link, so you can share the grouped LiveTour with your friends or clients easily.

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