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Adding notes, price tags, videos or 3D models in a LiveTour

1. Log in to the VR Editor.

2. Open a LiveTour and go to the to Marker Editor tab.

3. Select the panorama you would like to tag.

4. Click one of the icons to decide what to do with your panoramas. 

  • Hotspot allows you to link panoramas. For more information, check this tutorial.

  • Tag allows you to add a photo and description along with a buy link, directing to a specific URL. 

  • Memo allows you to add written notes.

  • Video allows you to embed a web page like a YouTube video or a Sketchfab 3D model (make sure to select the embed code of the Sketchfab model, not the direct link. Example of an embed link:

  • Set view angle allows you to modify the default orientation of the panoramas.

  • Screenshot enables you to generate regular 4:3 or 16:9 photos with your panoramas.

  • Floor plan allows you to add a floor plan to your virtual tour. For more information, check this tutorial.

5. If you've selected Tag, Memo or Video, choose a marker or upload your own, and fill in the content of the window.

6. Click Save below the window to confirm your changes.

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