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Creating a LiveTour with my existing panoramas

Pro tip: We support spherical equirectangular panoramas with a ratio of 2:1 (e.g. 8000x4000 pixels). We're working on supporting cubemap panoramas as well. Meanwhile, if you have cubemap panoramas, you can use this tool to convert them to equirectangular. 

1. Log in to the VR Editor.

2. Tap the Create LiveTour button to create a LiveTour.

3. Fill in the required details about the LiveTour under Basic information.

4. To import your panoramas, move to the Panoramas tab section, tap the Add panoramas button, and select panoramas on your computer.

5. Once they're uploaded, you can tap on them to change their name and the default orientation.

6. To learn how to link your panoramas in a virtual tour, click here.

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