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[In-app capture] Ricoh Theta S/ V/Z1

1. Download the VR Maker app on Google Play or the App Store and log in with your email address and password. 

2. Tap the Camera icon on the homepage of the app.

3. Choose the Theta mode and then tap the Settings button.

4. Connect your mobile device to your Ricoh Theta by Wi-Fi; the password is provided on it.

5. Go back to the VR Maker app. You should now see what's in your Ricoh Theta's field of view. Leave the room to not appear on this panorama. Simply tap the Capture button once again to snap a panorama. 

6.  Connect to your usual internet connection. Click the Gallery button (A) to see a list of all the panoramas that are on your Ricoh Theta, including those you just captured. Tap on the panoramas you just took to see how they look like. Select those you'd like to add to your LiveTours (B) and click Done (C).

Choose files or drag and drop files